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Understated yet elevated — a staple of Parisian and Londoner style, and a vibe the rest of the world is finally catching on to. Hair is never too curled or smooth — and natural texture is best. Always pick between lipstick and mascara — but never both, and now, when it comes to nails — the milkier, the better.

Milky nails have had a slow progression onto the style scene, and as we enter summer, they’re being predicted as “the new French manicure.” But what are milky nails, and how do we achieve them? Let’s find out!

What Are Milk Bath Nails:

Sheer, white or semi-nude and with a high shine finish — this is the essence of milky nails. They can be achieved by length and shape of any kind. The standard version first included pressed or hand-drawn flowers, but while we look for even more understated finishes, milk sans flowers or with a minimal French tip are taking over.

How To Get Milky Nails:

Traditional polish, gel polish, or dipped—milky nails can be tailored to create a unique finish. The nail bed should be prepped — filed, nipped or pushed, and hydrated for best results. A base coat is ideal to even out texture or color to achieve a balanced sheer finish. If creating the look in the salon, your nail tech will be able to best instruct you on colors and products to enhance the look.

If creating the look at home, the trickiest part is ensuring there are no streak lines. Experiment with exactly how much polish you need on the tip of your brush to ensure a smooth finish. We’ve found the highest success rate by wiping off one side of the brush and ensuring a healthy bead on the other side. Start in the middle back portion of your nail and then gently drag the brush to each side to create a smooth finish. Then, repeat this process once dry and finish with a high gloss top coat.

Milky French Nails

If you want a more defined look, adding a French tip on top of your milk bath nails will complete the look. Consider using a shade or two more intense or simply extra coats of your milky nail color to create a more subtle finish. Experiment with the width of the line or even add a touch of color for a fun finish. 

Shop The Look:

Zoya in Lucy


essie in Marshmallow


O.P.I. in My Vampire Is Buff


KUR Londontown Illuminating Nail Concealer in Milky

Milky Nail Looks We Love:

The best part about this mani (and any nail design) is the trend to make it your own. Go outside the box and find a shade, shape, finish, and design you like — that’s the most essential rule to creating a look you love!