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Emmanuel Esteban is a French-born stylist, who has been living and working in London the past few years. Currently, at Salon Sloane in Chelsea, his latest work "Million Eyes" is a deeply captivating Avante Garde collection that begs the audience to look outside themselves and understand the world – and the people – around them. Check out his dreamy collection below and get to know about the artist behind these amazing images. 

What drew you to hair styling? 

My hairdresser from back in the day convinced me to start hairdressing!


What is your favorite technique to use?

I love to blow-dry and style hair.



What has been your biggest defining moment in your career?

Winning the British Hairdressing Award in the Avant Garde Category, it has always been a lifelong goal of mine.


Is there a specific area you often find yourself looking to for inspiration?

Music is a really good source of inspiration for me, that and fashion.


What is the one product/tool that you can’t live without?

The full GHD Curve Range and the Revlon Style Orofluido Hairspray, I couldn't work without them.


How did you dream up your latest collection?

It was inspired from a song that talks about the fact that people easily judge our differences.


How do you use styling to enhance your images?

Styling is extremely important; working with a good stylist is crucial. For this collection I decided to have strong shape but neutral color styling.


How did you work with your makeup/styling team to craft the final image?

For the make up, I was inspired from the time I spent at the Gareth Pugh SS17 runway show in London. It perfectly inspired the make up for my collection, "Million Eyes".



What is this collection saying about Women’s Trends?

It's not saying much about trends but more about feelings. It discusses differences between people and how we judge others without trying to understand them.


If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Making peace in the world, and making people more respectful of each other.


Who were your mentors along the way and how have they shaped your career?

I had great teachers within my apprenticeship who sparked my love of hair. I have been assisting John Vial (Revlon Global Influencer) for the past year and through him and his work, it allowed me to evolve a great deal.


What hair/color trends can we look forward to this season?

This season balayage will still be going strong and natural colors will be in.


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