021f9d37593f1299350e modern french twist

​A modern take on a French twist, this style has all the vibes of the ‘60s inspired looks we’re starting to see this season. With ample volume and textured tendrils, this style is sure to be a hit at any event; wedding, prom, birthday or even backyard BBQ. See the steps below and learn how to get the look!

1. Apply Root Canal to damp hair and blow dry hair with a round bristle brush for volume and a bounce in the hair.

2. Move through the hair in horizontal sections, apply haze at the roots and lightly backcomb to the desired volume.

3. Gently brush the hair into the desired parting at the front and sweep hair up behind the ears and below the crown.

4. Create a messy French twist through the midlengths and leave the ends out. Pin and secure.

5. Detail the shape by pulling out sections at the front and pieces through the back and secure with pins and Builder’s Paradise working spray for an effortless bedhead feel to the hair.

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