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Keeping up with hair trends can be downright exhausting. Its all “caramel frap balayage” one day and “platinum pink” the next. Not to mention the countless hours and upkeep needed to transform yourself to keep up with the Jones’. In a world where we have started to covet “French girl” beauty for their effortless and easy-going, low-maintenance trends we have found that the latest movement is something the lazy girl in us all can get behind. We are proud to announce: "Money Piece" Highlights.


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If any of you giggled at the recent Mandy Moore Instagram post about her high school Homecoming hairstyle – cue the tendrils *see below – you’re not far off from the recent style. Celebs like Beyonce are sporting versions that we can definitely get behind. The latest movement has us opting for fewer highlights with a more prominent placement – in essence, a heavily accentuated face frame.


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This new trend allows you to keep about 80% of your natural (or base color) while highlighting just the bang and face frame area. Meaning less time at the salon and more time admiring your new do in selfie mode. There are varying degrees of this new look and they can definitely be tailored to any level of contrast and hue. Take a peek at a few of our favorite versions and see how it can one-up your #sweaterweather style.



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