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Each person’s head of hair is so unique — from style to cut, colour, texture and finish. Due to this, hair regimens should take on a more individualised approach when it comes to picking products. Take a peek at some of our must-have product picks based on various hair types and textures or try the Product Matchmaker Quiz for an even more personalised approach. 



While straight hair can be a dream to air-dry, this type can often find challenges in adding movement, holding a curl and adding volume. To add curls, waves, bends or a bit of volume at the base, apply ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to dry hair after blow-drying or prior to heat styling to lock in style and allow for long-lasting memory and hold. 



Undone waves are one of the top trends of our time, but creating this look naturally can have some challenges. Due to the fact that patterns are less defined in wavy hair, it can easily get frizzy. To cut down on dry hair and damage while increasing elasticity, apply STAYING.ALIVE to damp hair. This weightless styler will cut down on frizz and flyaways while allowing the hair to air-dry to wavy perfection. 



Curly clients generally need curl enhancement, definition, nourishment and protection. Instead of layering or cocktailing multiple products, rely on just one that does it all.  Whether air-drying or diffuse drying, KILLER.CURLS offers effortless definition and hold with the added benefit of heat protection. 



To add shine and manageability while cutting down on damage, adding a nourishing leave-in treatment to coily hair is essential. LEAVE-IN.REPAIR is a fan-favourite for a few reasons. This leave-in is lightweight, yet doesn’t skip out on moisture. Actively working to restore damage and protect hair where it’s most vulnerable, this product adds a gloss-like shine that will show off coils in their best light. 



Products for thin, thinning, or skinny hair need to be a combination of thickening yet lightweight formulas to help create body and movement without weighing down the hair. BODY.MASS was created specifically for this. With eyelash thickening technology, this spray helps add a weightless thickness to the hair for instant body and bounce. Additionally, it was formulated for heat protection and to increase microcirculation to the scalp to help reinvigorate hair. 



Thick hair (whether straight, wavy, curly, or coily), can have challenges when it comes to moisture retention, drying and styling the hair. UN.TANGLED is perfect for thick strands because of its ability to be highly moisturising while guarding against heat and allowing for a smooth, silky finish. 



The difference between fine and thin hair lies in the amount of density and the circumference of the strand. Fine hair can still be dense, which can often lead in a loss of volume. To combat flatness, add BODY.BUILDER at the base of the scalp to instantly build volume with a highly flexible hold. 



Dense hair can be a blessing for most, but also a curse when it comes to drying the hair or adding a style. EVER.SMOOTH is a must-have to speed up blow-drying, create volume, and add style memory. Created for any hair type, this styler cuts down on dry time while nourishing the hair and extending the life of your blowout by protecting against frizz and humidity.