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The VAMFF Myer 2018 Fashion Show gained hype by the return Elyse Knowles to the runway and the face of Myer, Jen Hawkins leading the way. They’ve gained fame by the stylists’ looks and fabulous locks that graced the show floor and to give us a little insight into how they got the look, we chatted with the show Hair Director Rachel Vitullo. Alongside the HAIR.DO by Joey Scandizzo team, they used ELEVEN Australia to bring the models’ hair to life. “The hair looks created for Myer Melbourne’s runway show are very raw, undressed and textured,” says Hair Director, Rachel Vitullo. “We wanted to keep these looks simple but strong. Working with natural textures and matte finishes to enhance the undone looks.”

Follow along below to see just how to get the looks!

Look 1: Undone wavy


Look 2: Textured Low Ponytail

  • Spray ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Texture Spray from roots to tips on dry hair.
  • Lightly backcomb the roots from the top of the crown to the occipital bone, leaving three inches of the entire hairline out. Gently comb hair into ponytail position, aligned with the jawline. Keep the hairline very sleek and gently lift the back-combing section slightly for height.
  • Secure with an elastic.
  • To finish wrap hair around elastic and spray entire hair with ELEVEN Australia Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray


Look 3: Topknot with faux fringe


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