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From the hair to the makeup and the wardrobe, every inch of Shirley Gordon’s Editorial collection is supremely stunning. Hailing from Strands Hair Studio in Wheaton, MD — Shirley traveled to New York during the pandemic to shoot this collection with photographer Roberto Ligresti. Brilliantly bringing together textures, shapes and color to tell a beautiful story. Get to know more about this amazing artist and check out her entire collection below!

Tell us more about you as an artist. How did you get into hairdressing and competition work?
I'm 1 of 12 children. I have 7 sisters, so doing their hair was what led me in this direction. I always had a strong love for fashion and wanted to go to school for it, but my Dad said “Oh hell girl you going to this beauty school, you can always do fashion with hair!” So that was it...my hair journey began. Looking back on it, sometimes others see your gifts and talents before you do.

As for compositions, I just love creating great collections. Watching so many greats over the years like Trevor Sorbie, Vivienne Mackinder, and Vidal Sassoon to name a few. Gathering inspiration from them, I said to myself, “I want to compete.” So I started out with smaller competitions and then moved on to NAHA. After being nominated 14 times, I was the 1st brown girl to win in 2008, and wow, I’m praying that continues to change!!!! 

Now with 2 wins (I won in 2008 for Texture) and I've been entering since in various categories. I was finally invited for the 1st time to complete as a Master in 2020. This was the collection I entered with, but I never made it to the Finals that year. Regardless, I enjoyed every step of putting this collection together.

Can you give any insight into how your collection was created?

This collection was created with my thoughts on streetwear and royalty fashion. That’s how I came up with Head Trip Royalty. I did a shoot in Japan, Tokyo a few years ago and fell in love with street fashion and all the bright playfulness they have. They really know how to express themselves and it got me thinking about putting a spin on street fashion and the glam of royalty. Use the old hair royalty, but with new life through shapes, color, texture, and just pure ART...HeadTrip... 

How has your style changed over the years? 

Well my style hasn't really changed, I just like to say I go with change — it’s the only thing in life that's guaranteed. So I just move with the flow of things.

What was your biggest challenge in creating this collection? 

I love challenges...so nothing is really challenging, but I did shoot it during the pandemic, so that was crazy. We had to travel to New York safely, then stayed and prayed that I got back to DC healthy. Other than that, nothing.

What does your collection say about trends or movements within the industry?

My collection speaks very clearly about trends and movement, it says: think outside the box and invite the world in with texture, shapes, culture, art, and music. Mix old style with new and never be afraid to add to today's trends, everything has a story you just have to tap into it 

Did you have any hero products? (Or any product faves!?)

A had a few hero products. First and foremost: my mind and hands, they are heroes in themselves. Color from Wella Professional. Various styling products, Oribe, Amika, and Sebastián...to name a few.

Based on your experience what Editorial trends can we expect to see more of this season?

Trends this season…gosh, that's can go a lot of directions! I think we’ll see brighter colors in hair and fashion. Patterns are strong in fashion right now — look at Balmain this season — the shapes and textures are to die for. Sometimes for me, fashion can dictate my next hair collection and I see a 70s vibe returning in a big way but with a new spin on it and I love it.


Hair: Shirley Gordon

Photographer: Roberto Ligresti