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Inspired by who she strives to be, Mary Frances Peterson created a Texture Collection that elevates the category. Drawing on textiles and how fashion translates to art, her images are empowered and outside the box! Keep reading to learn more about her collection and all that inspires her! 

What was the inspiration behind your collection?

My collection was really inspired by who I strive to be. I wanted to create something beautiful and strong.

Tell us about you as an artist and how your style has changed over the past few seasons.

I've always loved the classics in hairstyling, but over the past few seasons I have definitely stepped out of my box and pushed the limits on what I could achieve. 

Texture has become quite a trend, what is your favorite thing about it? 

My favorite thing about texture is it can be whatever you want it to be. It can be delicate and beautiful if you want or the complete opposite. 

How did color play a role in your collection? 

I chose to do black and white in this collection to capture the mood I was going for, and it was perfect for it.

What products/tools did you utilize? Did you have a hero product? 

I used so many different sizes of curling irons in this collection to really give it its definition and dimension. And my hero product for sure was my Oribe, Superfine Strong Hairspray to keep that hair from moving!

Did you collection change at all from concept to completion?

It did, I originally was going to use some strip extensions, but decided not to last minute. 

Any trends we can look forward to this year?

Dimension in everything is definitely taking over. In color, in cutting, and definitely in hairstyling for sure.

What other forms of art inspire you?

The art of fashion really inspires me in what I do every day, between textures and different textiles there's inspiration everywhere in the fashion world.

How much prep time went into each piece?

About two hours prep time for each look between hair, makeup, wardrobe, and shooting each look. 

How did you select your team?

I look for artists who support other artists! My team in this collection, Dylan Prescott, Grace Lawton, Abigail Wilson, and Daryna Barykina are all so supportive and so very talented. 

Where will we find you in Long Beach?!


What are you looking forward to most about NAHA 2019?! 

The experience is definitely what I am looking forward to the most. This will be my first time attending NAHA and I couldn’t be more excited. 

Stay tuned to see even more NAHA Finalists Collections! 

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