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Model turned photographer and now a makeup artist, she's taught herself everything she knows! As the model, artist, and photographer, Nohemi Capetillo has blown us away with her artistry. Her inspiration was everything she loves, from color to style and everything that embodies her character. We are so excited to share the beauty she has created both inside and out. Keep reading to learn more about her collection and how she got to where she is today!

Tell us more about you as an artist. How did you get into makeup?

Well, I’m actually full-time photographer that also does makeup as a secondary creative outlet. As long as I can remember I have loved to paint and draw. I became fascinated with makeup when I was given permission to use it and loved expressing myself through that. I knew my style was weird to most people and I was bullied/made fun of/put down on many occasions, however, I didn’t let negativity get to me and I stayed true to myself.

How has your style changed over the years?

That’s a very good question. I don’t feel like my style has changed at all. I’ve always had a passion for the dark and the weird, I think I just learned what complements one another and have adapted from there. I am still that Goth girl on the inside, haha.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

This was actually a mix of things. As I mentioned before, I was put down for my style, which was and still is a lot of cat eye designs. I wanted to take what was “me” and put it in this collection along with my three favorite complementary colors. With those colors I wanted to portray a character trait for each. Black is integrity, White is humility, and red, which isn’t anger as most people would think, it’s perseverance. A few of the many character traits that I strongly abide by.

What was your biggest challenge in creating this collection?

The biggest challenge, funny enough, was me. Everyone that knows me knows I’m a perfectionist and I’m my absolute worst critic when it comes to anything I do. There were numerous times that I kept going back and forth between minute details such as the angle of liner and things like that. The second bit was doing everything yourself – hair styling, makeup, photography, and lighting setup for three separate looks. The amount of body paint was heavier than normal due to the tattoo coverage so after one look I had to pop in the shower and start all over again. It can be really challenging, but nothing good comes easy.

What does your collection say about trends or movements within the industry?

I feel like the trends/movements are heading towards a positive direction each year. People, as well as artists can be themselves and express themselves more, which means they can stay true to their path and true to themselves. In this case, getting in touch with your dark side isn’t a bad thing.

If you were to describe this collection in one word, what would it be?

Bizarre –
but not in a bad way, more of a way that intrigues the audience with fascination.

Did you have any hero products? (Or any product faves!?)

I DO! I can’t begin to tell you how the Fenty Foundation has saved me immensely. I’m in my 30’s and still suffer from acne (sadly my body doesn’t know puberty is over) so when I use it, it covers my scars perfectly without having to use concealer! I’m also a big fan of Mehron and Kat Von D cosmetics.

What were you hoping to convey to your audience with this collection?

I wanted to convey emotion and encourage people to get out there and just bring out the best in each other.

Tell us a little more about you, as an artist.

Well, I’m a former model turned photographer, not many people know that. I’ve been in the industry in some way for the past 15 years now and it all stemmed from creative visuals in videogames, films, and animation. My passion for creating fueled my hunger for knowledge and I began to learn as much as I could with photography, editing, film, makeup, wardrobe, etc. I’m entirely self-taught and I’m always learning as everything is evolving.

I’m a hardcore fan of color, don’t let my monochromatic attire fool you, as you’ve probably have seen in my heavily saturated portfolio. I love to turn something “ordinary” into my interpretation of beauty, which always has some type of twist –subtle at times but it’s definitely there. I also don’t like to limit myself, I love all types of photography and know everything from beauty, hair, conceptual, dark, portrait and so on.

Where will we find you in Long Beach?!

I will be walking around ISSE! I will also be on stage with Liza Espinoza and Cherry Petenbrink on Sunday at 3:15 pm. You will definitely see me at the Red Carpet Ceremony and the after party celebrating with all the creative artists! I always love meeting new people so if you see me be sure to say hello!!

If you won the lotto (or slot machine) tomorrow, what would you do?

Oh my! I’m not going to lie but I would be a bit selfish and splash out with a lot of photography gear and possibly get my custom pick up truck and motorcycle I always wanted. If it was a large sum that I received, however, I would definitely open up multiple animal shelters.


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