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As we become more conscious consumers, we begin to investigate not only how our products work, but also what goes into them. With documentaries like What The Health taking over our screens and Facebook updates at every turn, we begin to take note of ingredients at an alarming rate. And while we begin to read the labels of our favorite foods, the same should be true for your beauty products. At ELEVEN Australia we strive to bring you the best products possible for your hair jam packed with natural ingredients that offer a plethora of benefits. Read on to learn about some of our favorite ingredients in some of your favorite products!

Wattleseed, Desert Lime and Quandong

Can you name a more iconic trio? These classic Australian ingredients have a barrage of benefits for your hair. From being a great natural source of protein, repairing hair and protecting hair against the environment, Wattleseed, Desert Lime and Quandong cover it all.

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Macadamia Oil

The ultimate treatment for blonde hair includes macadamia nut oil. This key ingredient helps to hydrate hair, add shine and consistently keep hair looking and feeling luscious and healthy.

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Avocado Oil

Everybody's favourite brunch addition not only looks good on a plate but does wonders for your hair.

Dry hair plagues many people and causes issues such as frizz, split ends and at times, breakage. Insert our saviour: Avocado Oil. A natural source of Vitamin A, B, D and E this is an essential ingredient to help remedy dry hair. As such an amazing ingredient to nourish hair, Avocado Oil is found in all ELEVEN Australia conditioners.

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Organic Argan Oil

Fighting frizz is every gal's pet peeve. Organic Argan Oil has proven benefits aplenty, but none more so important than combating and taming frizz. Controlling flyaways, adding shine and preventing split ends are other benefits Organic Argain Oil is able to provide to hair.

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