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Natural texture - we’re seeing it on the runways, in editorials and as brands extend their education to meet the demand, we’ll be witnessing it on the daily. For decades, women have been shying away from their natural style in search of a style that fits a mold. Breaking away from this, consumers are choosing to embrace a new look. 

Speaking from experience, getting my hair the sleekest and straightest possible was more than just a trend, it was a social norm. Embracing my curls went in stages. I could rock them effortlessly after a day at the beach, but could never dream of wearing them on the daily. As I slowly transitioned to accepting my fate, I noticed more and more designers, consumers and clients receptive to the movement, making the leap that much easier to embrace. Today, the beauty industry is booming with products, articles and education supporting the change. Keep reading to learn more about the movement toward natural texture and few quick and easy tips to embrace.   

Embrace and engage

The praise I received when I would wear my hair curly was one of the biggest determining factors to start making the switch. Whether from a friend, a partner, or a stranger on the street, giving praise to those around you helps shift societal norms. 


Whether you are a stylist learning new routines or a client trying to embrace your style, the best thing you can do is educate yourself and others. Share tips or ask friends with similar hair patterns, read blogs, and share your views socially. As a stylist, learning how to cut, color and style textured hair can be scary, but it’s only because it is foreign. Stepping away from the typical beachy wave blowout, start watching Youtube tutorials or enroll in an in-person class that offers specific tips and techniques for textured hair. 

Trends vs. movements

As a whole, the beauty industry is shying away from making sweeping statements about trends and instead, speaking about them as a subsection of movements. It is similar to the distinctions between fashion and style. Your style is something you keep with you throughout your life, while fashion ebbs and flows throughout seasons. The movement toward natural hair is not one we will see waver, instead, we’ll see new natural texture trends as it comes to color placement or a new style for seasons. 


Utilizing products is one of the top ways to transition to your natural texture. Cutting down on heat has proven to help texture bounce back to normal, which is why products become increasingly important. To start, you’ll want to find a conditioning agent that is Sulfate-free. Depending on your curl type, you might even want to pick up a co-wash (conditioning wash) instead. Textured hair care is all about the delicate balance between cleansing while not stripping hair of conditioning oils. Post-shower, be sure to pick up a non-Terry cloth towel like the Aquis - to help cut down on drying time and damage to the strand during the drying process. Next, experiment with your perfect product cocktail. While some find leave-in conditioners or curl creams to work best, others find salt or texturizing sprays to do the trick. Do your research and try out the products that work best for not only your hair type but your desired result. 


Here are a few of our favorite products for textured hair:

For curls


Keune STYLE Curl Cream


For waves


Keune STYLE Salt Mist