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December 31st is the perfect time to try on a new style for the night and make a few plans (for your hair) for the New Year.  Whether you’re heading out on the town or cuddling up on the couch, this time of year signifies taking chances and new beginnings. Looking for a new style, cut, or color? Check out our top picks below and the tips to get each look!

The Shag


The shag came into the limelight a few seasons ago and has proven that it isn’t going anywhere! The cut will enhance natural texture and create interest in any hair color. With lots of layers and movement, this cut is a style that anyone can pull off with the right products!

Products to get the style:



Funky Undercut 


Men’s grooming has evolved greatly in the past few seasons; they are proving to be quite the trendsetters themselves and as we move into more androgynous styles, this style has gained a great deal of popularity for both men and women. This funky undercut is something that we can see everyone rocking this year! 

Products used to get the style:



 Careless Curls


The past few seasons we’ve seen natural texture walk down the runway and we don’t expect this trend to be going anywhere this year. With shorter, texturized cuts – like the shag – movement is coveted! Careless curls are a take on a natural air-dried look with a bit a randomized finesse. Check out the steps to get this chic curled look below!

Products to get the style:



Natural Balayage


Alongside natural texture, natural hair color is taking over the streets! It is a beautiful style that can enhance anyone’s hair color in a range of ways. These hues are perfect to pair with a shag, a funky undercut or careless curls! Cheers to a sweet new style (and the perfect hue) in the New Year!

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