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There are about two times each year that cause you to look inward, set your intentions, and look for reinvention – birthdays and the New Year. This year, throw caution to the wind and opt for a new fashion-forward style to ring in the new year and combat the winter weather in style.


Pair a smooth and sleek blowout with a messy, undone blowout! 


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Whether you’re starting fresh or styling a second-day ‘do, use a Bungee Hook to begin your undone pony and pin tendrils to the base with Kirby Grips. Then, to get a perfect finish, spritz Hold & Gloss Spray over the entire style.


Spending the night on the dance floor? Pick a style that won’t let you down. This twisted French braid will not only stay in place while you “Floss” it will keep you cool and give you a great next-day wave. To add softness, pull out baby hairs or tendrils to create a face frame and add a glowy vibe! 


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When in doubt, add a little sparkle. No matter if you’re couch surfing and Netflixing into the New Year, grabbing drinks with friends or heading out on the town, adding accessories are the best way to add glamour when you need it most.


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