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Waves have long been a fan-favorite when it comes to creating an imperfectly perfect chic finish. Now, with new tools and products on the market, there are new ways to wear this iconic trend. From beachy to undone, take a peek at some of the top styles we're lusting over this season and find the products to get the look!

Beach Waves


Not everyone can’t take an extravagant vacation to a private island with 30 of our closest friends like Kim Kardashian did for her birthday this year, but that shouldn’t stop the rest of us from getting her perfect beach waves! For waves like this, Wella Professionals EIMI Ocean Spritz is going to be your best friend.

The EIMI Ocean Spritz is a natural mineral salt spray that helps to naturally texturize your hair without adding too much weight to your hair. The best way to use this is at the end of a light curling routine. Start by wrapping random strands of your hair around a one-inch curling wand. As you’re going through and curling strands of your hair, be sure to switch the direction in which you wrap your hair around the wand. Doing this will help make your beach waves look more natural and authentic. Then, once you’re done, lightly shake your hair out while spraying your ocean spritz throughout your hair. If you close your eyes while doing this, you might even hear the sounds of waves crashing to the shore.

Wavy Ends


This style is one of the quickest ways to achieve volume with minimal effort! Seriously, you only need to focus on curling the bottom half of your hair. To achieve these waves, start by working Keune’s SOFT STYLE MOUSSE NO 44 into your hair, beginning with the roots. Then, grab your blow dryer and dry your hair upside down with your favorite bristle brush. Once your hair feels dry, whip out your curling iron and begin to curl two-inch sections of hair from the bottom of the strands, up to about halfway. Once you’ve curled all of your sections, flip your hair back and forth to soften the waves.

Boom, beautiful wavy ends in less than 15 minutes. If Selena Gomez can pull this off as her voting-from-home look, you can certainly pull this off for your 10 am Zoom call with your boss. 

Loose Waves

@malika // @prettylittlething

Loose waves provide you with that effortless look you’ve been dying to have since you learned what waves are. What we love most about loose waves is that they are incredibly versatile. These waves look good no matter what event you’re at. Dress them up with a sparkly cocktail dress, or dress them down with a cozy beanie and jeans.

To get Malika’s stunning loose waves, you’re going to want to curl your hair using the new Sam Villa Professional Double Barrel Hair Waver. This waver is an essential tool for waves, but especially for the loose wave. Once you’ve curled your hair, to loosen the curls, you’re going to smoothly run your fingers through your hair. When your hair is at peak wave, lock in your style with KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY.


Written By: Sahara