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Fresh hair and the photo’s to match! From Desigual SS2016, Lead Stylist
Edward Lampley for amika gives us the behind the scenes step-by-step that will leave you swooning.

Photo Credit: Paul Terrie

Key Products
amika Bombshell Blowout Spray
amika Heat Defense Serum
amika Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer amika Un.Done Texture Spray

Look 1:

Step 1. Dampen hair with amika Bombshell Blowout Spray from roots to ends, and then apply a small amount of amika Heat Defense Serum to mid shaft and ends.
Step 2. Rough dry the hair using the amika Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer.
Step 3. Create the perfect middle part from the hairline to the back to crown, and then separate hair into eight sections vertically down the head from the middle part.
Step 4. Begin by braiding the first section of hair. All eight sections of hair will be braided into cornrows.
Step 5. Continue braiding each section. As you braid, feed the sections under, so the braid is sitting on top of the hair.
Step 6. Massage braids and pull apart with amika Un.Done Texture Spray and amika Touchable Hairspray.
Step 7. The finished Desigual SS2016 hair look!

Photo Credit: Paul Terrie

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