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If you’re thinking about coloring your hair, and opting for an extraordinary shade, you need to check out the opalescent shade of the season. Created by Matrix Artists Chrystofer Benson and Vitaly Pimenov, this beautiful, multi-tonal shade was achieved by blending 4 Color Graphic Lacquers using a color melt method. Follow along below to see the exact placement, formulas and inspirational result!


Create a large diamond shaped section at the top of the head that ends to a point below the crown. Secure. Create 3 parallel sub-sections under each side of the diamond that are ½ to 1 inch in depth. Secure each sub-section.

FORMULAS – CG Lacquers

A - Blue

B – Light Pink

C – Yellow + Clear 1:1

D – Teal

Apply the following formulas to each area from the new-growth to the ends, alternating the formulas in each area. Use foils to separate and process for up to 20 minutes.


After application, rinse, cleanse and condition with Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner.

To learn more about the inspiration and the artists behind this gorgeous look, watch below!

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