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From graduations to parties, proms, and weddings – party season is upon us. Giving us the ultimate hair styling inspiration, London Hair Artist Jay Birmingham details how to get a simple look in 10 easy steps. He explains, why this staple look is such a great go-to option for any texture and length!

“The soft, glam ponytail is one of my favourite looks and it is so wearable from day to night so it works with any look and instantly adds a cool edge to any style. I love to wear this with textured, tousled waves to give it that extra volume and movement. This style looks amazing for red carpet glam and is something I often suggest to my celebrity clients however it also looks super cool worn with jeans and sneakers – it is so versatile.”

To create this look, follow the steps below:

  1. Begin with freshly washed hair – to ensure your hair is shiny and gorgeous before styling you can treat yourself to a hair mask instead of your regular conditioner. The JOICO K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock Treatment Mask is one of my favourites to leave your hair glowing and strong.
  2. Add a styling product of your choice before blowdrying, the Color WOW Dream Coat is outstanding to reduce frizz and leave your hair smooth and primed.
  3. Use a ceramic round brush to blow-dry each section of hair smooth – add a slight curl to the end of the hair by bending the brush as this will add more volume and movement.
  4. Add in some velcro rollers around your hairline for extra volume and lift, this is a great alternative to using heated styling tools and will help create that salon finish.
  5. Once dry, take some Beautyworks clip in extensions and add them into your hair row by row. Use a curling tong to curl your hair each row at a time. For a contemporary feel, alternate the directions you curl the hair in to create more of a relaxed wave.
  6. 6. Add some volumising dust like the L’Oreal Techni Art Super Dust at the root before backcombing slightly. This will add grip to your hair and add hold too.
  7. Brush out all of the hair to ensure a soft wave has been created and add some hairspray to keep curls in place all day and night long.
  8. Use a hair tie or bungee to secure your hair into a ponytail just under your crown and fix comfortably.
  9. Pull sections of hair loose around your face to give this an undone feel and use a backcombing brush to pull out some hair from above the hair tie to give the illusion of more volume 
  10. Finish with a mist of hairspray and rock your new look!

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