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Whether you call it rainbow hair, unicorn hair, or mermaid hair, it’s safe to say that bright, colorful hair is here to stay. We’ve seen this trend take countless shapes over the years, from the palest pastels to the brightest neons. But this season’s hottest way to add a pop of color is all about creating whisper-soft pastel hues and blending them seamlessly with your natural color. 

Like last year’s colour lights trend, this subtle look can be tailored to each client’s unique preferences and maintenance goals. For clients who want to brighten up their look this spring or those looking to try the fun fashion shades trend without the major commitment of all-over color, this is the perfect solution. 


How to Get the Look 

Because these soft pastel looks are so easily customizable, you’ll want to start with a consultation. Is your client looking for a soft blush of color or does she want something that will make her stand out a little bit more? Is she okay with some ongoing maintenance, or does she prefer to stretch out the time between salon appointments? How dark is her base, and how light is she hoping to go with those pops of color? Discuss her vision and her typical hair care routine before you get started to get a good idea of what she’s looking for. And, if she can show you pictures of the look, all the better!  

Once you’ve established exactly what your client wants—and helped manage her expectations, if necessary—this will help you get started creating the look. Depending on your client’s base, you may need to do some pre-lightening or you may be able to work directly with her existing highlights and/or lowlights. If your client wants something super low-commitment, consider going with a hair gloss treatment. Redken’s Shades EQ line has an array of gorgeous pastel shades that add a perfectly subtle wash of color. And, because they are acidic demi-permanent hair colors, they’ll leave hair feeling softer, add a heavy dose of shine, and wash out gradually over time. 

Regardless of whether your client wants a low-commitment look or something a little more permanent, you’ll also want to make sure you take the time to tone. This can make all the difference in achieving that exact cool-toned blue, silvery purple, or rose gold shade she’s looking for. 


Caring for Pastel Hair at Home 

Just like with any color treatment, at-home maintenance is important in making your new pastel shade last. Because the trend is all about super-light hints of color, the look could be fairly susceptible to fading. Make sure you use the right products at home to help protect your color! 

For lasting color and healthier, softer strands, we like Redken’s Color Extend hair care line, which includes products for all types of color-treated hair, including high-level blondes, brunettes, and even silver and gray tones to keep cool-toned pastel looking best and to refresh and protect your look.