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The Design Team at Paul Mitchell the School Miami makes the school stand apart from other Cosmetology Schools in South Florida. Future Professionals (what Paul Mitchell calls their students) receive education on all aspects of the beauty industry, not just salon reality. Members of Design Team work with top models, photographers, and designers, where they provide their hair and makeup services to major fashions shows, photo-shoots, film, and television. Design Team Leader, Amelia Fugitt’s most important advice to her FPs is, “Learn how to keep yourself inspired, motivated, and dedicated. Always be punctual and professional. Above all else, LOVE what you do and have fun!”

Artistic Director: Amelia Fugitt, Hair: Brenda Allred, Makeup: Abby Edenburg, Photography-Swimwear: Todd Barrett, Model: Solveiga Buckis

On their most recent photo shoot, the Design Team was involved with Todd Barrett Swimwear, and Fashion One Television came to film the shoot. The Future Professionals worked with a top designer and one of the most desired models in Miami. Building a great portfolio is just one of the many pros of being a member of Paul Mitchell the School Miami’s Design Team. Amelia considers networking to be the most important aspect of her team. “You have to put yourself out there and build a name for yourself. Find people who inspire you and reach out.” As many people know, giving back is extremely important in the Paul Mitchell culture. The Design Team travels to the Miami Children’s Hospital to do hair, nails, and makeup for all of the patients, which teaches our students the importance of being active in our community, but the children love it and it really brightens their day. They have also worked with assisted living facilities and provided hair and makeup services to the elderly. Design Team takes any opportunity to be day makers and put smiles on people’s faces however possible.

Artistic Director: Amelia Fugitt, Hair: Brenda Allred, Makeup: Abby Edenburg, Photography-Swimwear: Todd Barrett, Model: Solveiga Buckis

To be a member of Design Team, a Future Professional must have; outstanding attendance and GPA, excellent technical skills and time management, extraordinary professionalism and punctuality, and most important, have an immense love and passion for the industry. There is an application, interview, and try-out process in order to be a part of this exclusive team. The FPs overall work ethic greatly improves in Design Team because they experience what an editorial stylist does in real life situations. Through many of the events, Future Professionals are able to book paid jobs once they graduate. “I am so honored to be the Design Team Leader and have the opportunity to work with such incredible people and Future Professionals.” says Amelia. “My main objective is to inspire them to reach their dreams and teach them the steps to achieve them.”

Artistic Director Amelia Fugitt, Hair: Talisa Silva, Makeup: Kim, Photography-Swimwear: Todd Barrett