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Although most have been surf starved this season there is hope for perfect waves ahead. There is just something about the way your hair looks after a flawless beach day that makes us crave a great sandy escape. However, when you can’t make it to the shore there is still a surefire way to get the same effect.

If you want your waves to look natural, it is best to start off with your natural texture. This will be the easiest way to emulate summer vibes. Here are our top picks to prep your strands:

            -Start off with oil like Therapy Rejuvenating Radiance Oil to condition hair and keep frizz at bay.


            -Then, layer Sea Salt Spray over the oil to give your hair a slight grit and wave-like texture.


After hair is dry, you’ll want to give it the same wind-blown look that you get under the sun!

            -Spritz Texturising Volume Spray throughout locks and then use fingers to pull apart your waves.

            -If you need to add more bend, use a 1.25-inch barrel and wrap random pieces around it and then pull to give an effortless finish.

Pair your waves with a scarf or second-day braids to keep the style alive in true beach fashion. Stay tuned for even more summer styles and be sure to follow label.m on Instagram for the most up-to-date inspiration!


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