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You learn a lot about your friends when you travel with them, and even more when you peek in their cabinets (hah)! While I tend to lecture most of my friends about eyebrows being “sisters and not twins” and the importance of cleaning their brushes, there’s another tip that is even more important when it comes to creating a flawless blowout – using the attachments. Yup, there you have it the key to a great blowout is already in the box!

While your round brush skills may need some practice, getting your set up dialed in is key. Brush-up on the basics and begin by attaching your nozzle, it will greatly improve your finish.

Why You Need The Nozzle

The nozzle works in two key ways. One, by creating a gap between the heat and your hair strand, and two, by directing airflow in a more concentrated direction. It allows you to create more power in the right direction, allowing you to create a smooth finish and shiny strands.

Concentration Is Key

The nozzle is also known as the “concentrator” and for good reason. It concentrates airflow in a specific direction. By narrowing it to the width of the brush it ensures each section is properly dried from start to finish. Frizz happens either when wet hair is placed on dry hair or when hair isn’t completely dried. Concentrating airflow allows you to control the latter. The other point of the concentrator is to create a concentrated flow of air. Pairing this with the proper heat setting speeds up blowouts and creates a strong finish.

Stay In Your Lane

When you cut hair, you want to make sure you stay in your lane – concentrate in one area before moving onto the next. When it comes to styling, it is no different. Staying in your lane reminds you to completely dry one section before moving onto the next. This means smoother strands and a better blowout. All too often, we move onto a new section before it is completely dry – this causes hair to fall and frizz.

Don’t Forget About The Diffuser

Most think that the diffuser is reserved for curly girls, but the truth is that it can be used for all hair types. From fine and straight to wavy and textured, a diffuser simply allows you to enhance natural texture, no matter what it may be. This can be a great option for strands that lack the ability to hold a curl. Simply flip your head, diffuse dry, and then use a wand to touch up your curls – they’ll last longer and you’ll be less fatigued!

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