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The question that often comes up between stylists and clients and even stylists and other stylists is: how to pick the perfect brush? It is a common topic that is constantly discussed and often debated about between salons and on blogs. While knowing which size brush is ideal for your hair type and desired style, this is just half of the battle. Knowing what type of brush to use is next. The biggest discussion? Deciding between boar bristle and thermal styling brushes. Keep reading to learn more about brush types and which is best for your needs.

Thermal Styling Brushes

Thermal styling brushes or ceramic round brushes are excellent for fine to medium hair types. They are designed specifically to add smoothness and volume to your blowouts. The trick to their design lies in the core of these brushes. The metal component allows them to hold heat longer, making them the ideal choice for extending the shape of your hair, adding shine and eliminating frizz. They are an obvious choice for stylists looking to speed up their styles and increase efficiency behind the chair.

Reach for a thermal brush when:

You need less tension and less condensing of the cuticle, which allows for more body. Thermal styling brushes also retain much more heat so that maximum curl can be achieved.

Boar Bristle Brushes

Boar bristle round brushes are the ideal choice for hair types that range from medium to coarse. This is because they provide more stretch and tension with this hair type. Boar bristle has proven to be more gentle on the scalp and helps redistribute natural oils from your scalp, which is what adds to more shine. While it can sometimes take longer than thermal styling brushes to dry hair, you are able to achieve amazing volume, create undone waves or straighten even the most stubborn styles with ease.

Reach for a boar bristle brush when:

You need more tension, more polish, and more condensing of the cuticle. You are still able to achieve a curl with a boar bristle brush, it will just create a more undone shape.

Take a peek at this video to see the two brushes in action!



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