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As one of the most visually dynamic platforms, Pinterest is naturally the ideal place to spot up and coming trends. With easy scrolling and saving, finding and saving ideas for your hair is simple. But, which trends will dominate this year? Recently Pinterest released “Pinterest Predicts,” a trend report highlighting the top trending content that is sure to make a splash in 2022. 

With everything from interior design to the best outfit pairings, what we’re interested in are all the movements we’ll see in hair this season. Keep reading to see some of the top Pinterest Predictions and see how they’ll change your style this season. 

Puff Love

Natural hair is a unique trait to be celebrated. Everyone has a different structure, type and finish, and as this individualized characteristic is enhanced, everyone is aiming to find new ways to show theirs off. This season, Pinterest Predicts puff hairstyles will take over the world of beauty. From high puffs to low puffs, and two puffs, the options are endless in the ways to highlight highly textured hair. For a perfect example, look at this tutorial from @folahontas!


Style Tips: There are many ways to achieve the puff hairstyle,” says Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador Dereq Clark. “Apply a generous amount of Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil for instant luminosity and protection. For extra hold and to maintain flyaways, spray Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Firm workable finishing spray around the surface of the hair.”


Rebel Cuts feat. The Bixie!

Touting itself as the “Pandemic Breakup Haircut” rebel cuts are all about out with anything old and in with everything new and fresh. From bixies to bobs, “octopus hair,” and mullets — it seems as though cutting off inches are a great way to start the year anew, just ask Demi Lovato! If you’ve already transformed your style into a shorter look, experiment with color or add designs shaved into the hair for a modern take. Take a peek at these designs from Janine Ker, sure to inspire you! 




A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato)


Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador Briana Cisneros suggests that the Bixie Cut is the perfect way to achieve that fun, experimental look. “I coined the term Bixie for that in between a Bob and a pixie cut, because clients were wanting even more texture than what the traditional Bob could offer.” To try a new and bright color without the commitment, “I have been completely obsessed with the Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask line that has recently launched.” Color Fresh Masks offer a quick and temporary fix to add color in an instant! 


Pearl Accents & Be Jeweled

While this trend falls under the accessory category, after recent bridal and editorial trends we predict this trend will also try its hand on hair in the form of delicate yet effective accents. If you’ve seen any of the snaps from English-French influencer Camille Charriere’s wedding, you probably completely fell in love with her wedding hair. Her look was created by hairdresser Laurent Philippon and deemed “snowflake petals” to go along with her winter wedding style. 


A post shared by Cinta Jasso (@cintiapjasso)

From petals to pearls and glittering rhinestones, we expect to see a great deal more of the look this season. 

Pearlcore & Haircolor:

While pearl accessories will be everywhere, we'll also see an addition to pearlescent tones in hair color. To bring these fresh tones to any hair look, Oliver Adams suggests blonding your hair to create the purest coolest lightest shades of blonde. “I use several products to achieve the look. I first pre-lighten the hair with Wella Professionals Blondor Lightening Powder with 30 or 40 volume developer. After lightening, I go in with my Wella Colorcharm Toner T18. My absolute favorite, it delivers a beautiful platinum blonde that we call Pearl. Shampoo and condition with the Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights System and it’s perfect every time.”


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