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How do you wear your pony? The style that was once reserved for the gym has made a comeback and will be hotter than ever this summer as a style staple. While dry shampoo is the perfect second day accessory, the ponytail is climbing the ranks as the way to wear third day hair. Check out some of our tips and style sensations that prove the pony is the next model off-duty hairstyle.

Perfectly perched – a high pony not only keeps hair out of your face, it accentuates anyone’s cheekbones giving that “instant lift” so many of us crave when schedules are hurried and life is chaotic. The key to this style is not only the placement of the tie; it is the amount of volume at the root to balance the look. To create volume, prep hair with foam #bigvolume to give your style a foundation that will stand the test of time. Once pony day has come, apply either dry shampoo #comeclean or spray glue #dirtyfinish to roots, pull hair back with your hands (instead of a brush) for an undone look; wrap with an elastic and use your fingers to pull your roots out at the bang area, creating height.

Knotty but nice - If you feel like your ends have seen better days; mask them by twisting your hair into a knot. Follow the above steps to create a high pony, and simply twist your pony and wrap around the base; finish with bobby pins and spray the entire head with hair spray #superfirm to keep the style in place all day!

Low for the win! Trés chic and oh so easy to create, the low pony is this season’s most loved style. Whether you want to add a small braid or a mini loop before tying it off, this deconstructed chignon is a style that anyone can create. This look is best made on second (or third) day hair: the messier the better! Sprinkle powder #roundtwo at the roots to add volume and grit and spray glue #dirtyfinish through the ends for the ultimate undone feel!

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