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While some may think that “summer sun” is synonymous with sun-kissed highlights, stylists know that it is more often tantamount with “brassiness”. Your clients have spent the better part of their summer showing off their newly highlighted hair all over town, which means they’ll be texting, asking how to update their tone. Invite them to make an appointment for a touch-up, a gloss, and a chat. It is so much easier to educate them in person, plus it allows you the chance to suggest a new shade for the season. At the end of their appointment, be sure to send them home with some goodies to help combat that post-summer brass at home.

When clients receive highlights their hair color is lifted to the desired level. Once the level is achieved – if the tone is not exactly what is desired or you are looking to create a fashion shade, a toner is then applied. During this process, you should explain to your client the need to upkeep the color. The reason why hair color tends to get brassy during summer is that between the sun, salt and chlorine, it can cause hair to fade and discolor.

During Formulation

Depending on the result, think about adding a touch of violet, blue or green into your gloss formulation to help fight brass before it even begins. Then, when your client comes in for a touch up you can take a peek at how the results played out and reformulate accordingly.

Home Care

If clients commit to taking care of color at home it is the simplest way to keep color looking its best. Have them start by using Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo and Conditioner at home. This is a simple switch that can easily be worked into any routine and adjusted according to need. Once they commit to this, start working Redken Color Extend Blondage Express Anti-Brass Mask into their regimen. Start by applying this at the salon and showing them the results as you style. Start the conversation early and then explain the simplicity of working this into their weekly or monthly routine.



Play Offense, Not Defense

Instead of waiting for your hair to fade, get in front of it. Before heading out of the house, take a hat with you to help block the sun. Also, consider taking a deeper look at your fixtures. Water is another culprit when it comes to fading color. Switching our your shower head for a unit with a water filter is a quick fix that will help extend the longevity of your color and protect your investment.

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