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Do you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? In the least – we know your hair does. If you’re anything like us, you had your usual highlight touch-up just before taking off and now, you’re left with overly sun-kissed strands and barely there ends. By barely there we mean: they’ve either been broken off by the exposure to the sun, sea, and sand or your color has faded so much they literally have no color left.

Plan Of Action:

The elements can really reek having while you’re enjoying your time in the sun. While you’ve been away from your usual routine (and hair treatments) you’ll want to schedule a salon appointment ASAP. It might even be a great idea to do so before you leave town so you don’t have to worry about it upon your return.

The Fix:

Get a gloss! Getting a gloss between highlights is a must for anyone with color treated hair, but getting a gloss after vacation is next level commitment to a great looking head of hair. No matter how much we think we like our washed out color, nothing looks or feels better than a fresh shade.

At Home-Remedies:

Post-salon visit, it is imperative to continue the care process at home. Now that you’ve got great color, lets work on the condition! Cut back on your styling, amp up the deep conditioning and stick to protective styling. Opt for a braid versus a top knot or a 3 sectioned pony instead of the regular one.

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