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Dry, weak hair, frizz, unmanageable hair, brittle, split ends, breakage, and highly sensitized hair — these are all common signs of hair damage. Whether your hairstyle consists of monthly touch-ups, weekly blowouts or you take a more low-maintenance approach to your routine, hair damage can happen to anyone. From preventing or combatting the damage done, haircare is the quickest way to start. In addition to at-home care, in-salon professional protein treatments are essential to improve the look, feel, and finish of your hair. 

The Most Common Types of Hair Damage

Hair damage is often caused by mechanical, thermal, or chemical damage. Examples of this include daily wear and tear, excessive brushing or stress from extensions (mechanical), hot tool use (thermal), or excessive coloring, lightening, over-processing, or texture services (chemical). While many stylists will suggest a variety of treatments for each type, Redken Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate can be used for them all. Coupled with other Acidic Bonding Concentrate Treatments, this range can improve strength and provide repair and nourishment for all hair types, and most importantly, visibly reduce one year of surface damage in a single session*.

How Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate Strengthens & Repairs Hair Damage

Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate is a professional prescription to with 12% Cationic + Amino Acids help to improve strength and provide protein repair. This vegan formula improves the hair with nourishment, strength, repair and shine. Together the professional Acidic Bonding Concentrate range allow stylists to tailor treatments that target protein, moisture and attaining an acidic pH balance — the 3 key elements for attaining healthy hair.

Additionally, with the new backbar-friendly packaging, Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate contains 48% less plastic than the original syringe packaging and 100% PCR plastic,** for 2.5X more product.


The Complete Professional Strength System

Acidic Moisture Concentrate

Containing 10% Glycerin, Acidic Moisture Concentrate deeply nourishes the hair to replenish moisture, seal the cuticle, prevent frizz and improve the condition of the hair.

Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate

A concentrated dose of Amino Acids to help revitalize the hair from the inside out. Containing 12% Cationic + Amino Acids, this formula helps improve strength and provide protein repair while sealing the cuticle, improving the condition, and adding shine.

Acidic pH Sealer

This formula is designed specifically for clients with damaged or over-processed hair. It is ideal to apply to hair following Acidic Moisture Concentrate or Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate. With a pH of 3.0-4.0, it helps seal the cuticle and lock in any treatment benefits to add shine and visibly reduce surface damage instantly. 


*with system of acidic moisture concentrate, acidic pH sealer, and acidic protein amino concentrate.

** excluding the cap.