Eb9a026663085817a0fa holiday hair ponytail

Whether you are excited for your favorite holiday treats, hitting the slopes, or simply spending time with family, it always feels a little more like the holidays when you have a cute outfit and the hair to match! This season, take a hint from the hottest styles from the runway and be sure to embellish your holiday hair!

Doesn't matter if you're dressing up or getting cozy, a pony is perfect for any occasion.

You can create this look on day old hair, or for a more polished look be sure to wash and blow-dry hair to prep for the pony.  

- Once hair is dry, pick your part! Whether you enjoy a deep side part, right down the middle or slicked straight back, the choice is yours.

- Comb the hair into a low ponytail and secure with a hair tie or Bungee Hook

- For extra embellishment, add another bungee to create a bubble pony. Make sure hair is combed and smooth and place another Bungee Hook halfway between the first tie and the end of the hair, creating a bubble of hair between them. Repeat as many times as you like (depending on the length of your hair). 

-To finish place another Bungee Hook at the end of the ponytail with enough room that it won't fall out. Once this is secure, pull out the hair between the hair ties to create a more pronounced bubble. Spritz with Hairspray to hold in place and you’re ready for the day or night ahead.


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