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Sometimes inspiration comes at the moment. As true artists, stylists have the ability to instantly change the look and feel of their creation with the swipe of a color brush or the spin of a brush. In the latest Collection From Rainbow Room International’s George Square Salon – Power To The Youth – the team created a character for each girl to create fresh, new styles we can all appreciate! We chatted with Paddy McDougall, Art Director at Rainbow Room International George Square Salon and Global Ambassador for Indola – keep reading to learn more about the collection and see it in its entirety below!  


What was the inspiration behind this collection?

We wanted to create something youthful and fresh while playing with colour and texture in the hair.

How were the hair colors chosen?

We wanted to create a character for each girl, and to add interest and intensity so we really worked model by model and either enhanced what they had or totally reinvented it.


What prep went into the hair prior to shooting?

Very little, we pre-coloured one model but apart from that we just went for it on the day. We had an early call, and just got the whole team together along with the models and developed things from there. It was actually a really nice, organic way to work it.

What do you hope this collection portrays to its audience?

A young, fresh uncontrived version of hair.

How did you work with your team to create the final look?

We did everything as a collective from planning the shoot to bouncing ideas and then executing them on the day

What was your biggest takeaway from this shoot?

The strength of our team 


Hair by Rainbow Room International George Square
Photography by Aleksandra Modrzejeska
Makeup by Allana McTrusy
Styling by Rebecca Donaldson

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