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From techniques to products — gray coverage innovation is constantly evolving, but the latest release from Redken doesn’t just cover grays, it rejuvenates them. New Redken Color Gels Oils is a breakthrough ammonia-free and silicone-free permanent color formula that provides up to 100% gray coverage. In addition to creating gorgeous color and flawless coverage, Redken Color Gels Oils boosts the health of the hair with 30% more condition* and provides 78% more shine!** Learn more about the range below and how it can expand your services.

The Details: New Redken Color Gels Oils

  • 100% gray coverage on every shade
  • Ammonia-free
  • Silicone-free
  • 30% more condition*
  • 78% more shine**
  • It works on all hair textures — fine, medium and coarse
  • Does not need a dedicated developer — you can use Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developer



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Differences between Redken Color Gels Oils, Color Gels Lacquers & Chromatics

Redken Color Gels Oils is a new range that will complement Color Gels Lacquers and Chromatics. It is a great way to add a variety of coverage options within your existing portfolio.

Redken Color Gels Oils vs. Redken Color Gels Lacquers

Redken Color Gels Oils and Color Gels Lacquers are both permanent dyes in liquid form that use the Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developer. The main differences are that New Redken Color Gels Oils achieves up to 100% gray coverage on every shade, is ammonia-free and contains apricot oil. While Color Gels Lacquers covers up to 100% on select shades, is low-ammonia and does not contain oil.


Redken Color Gels Oils vs. Redken Chromatics

While both ranges are permanent dyes that are ammonia-free, Redken Color Gels Oils has a liquid texture with 100% gray coverage on every shade for a highly saturated finish that can be formulated with Pro-Oxide Cream Developer and contains apricot oil. In comparison, Redken Chromatics has a cream texture with 100% coverage on select shades with a multi-dimensional finish with a formula that contains mineral oil and uses Redken Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer.


How To Formulate with Different Volume Developers

The beautiful thing about New! Redken Color Gels Oils is that it doesn’t require a dedicated developer. You can use Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developer, which not only saves money but space as well! With the ability to use Redken Color Gels Oils with Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developer, you can use 10, 20, 30, or 40 volume developers for various results.

  • 10 Vol. — creates minimal lift and should be processed for 20 minutes.
  • 20 Vol. — enables standard lift and gray coverage for all hair types when processed for 30 minutes.
  • 30 Vol. — provides additional lift up to 3 levels when processed for 40 minutes.
  • 40 Vol. — allows for maximum lift up to 4 levels when processed for 45 minutes.


*vs. non-conditioning shampoo

**vs. uncolored hair