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Redken has always been at the forefront of trends. From creating them at Fashion Weeks all over the globe to supporting their artists by offering them the most up to date marketing tactics to grow their businesses. The past few years they have been increasingly strong supporters of using social media to leverage success and have just come out with a new tool: the Redken Salon Success Kit, available on RedkenPro.com.

With a focus on increasing online presence, Redken has created this one-stop destination for salon owners and managers to access content that will help them do just that. Helping businesses digitize and modernize their in-salon experience and online presence, the Redken Salon Success Kit provides salons with the essential printable and shareable assets, social media help, and business tools needed to reach their greatest potential.
The comprehensive kit is divided into four main pillars – brand new and easy-to-use Asset Library, Social Media Business Tools, Digital TV and Business Tools sections.


The Redken Asset Library offers up-to-date digital and in-salon assets, making them available to salons so that they can completely modernize their in-salon experience. They can choose from free social content, like free Facebook and Instagram posts that are customized with optimized copy and applicable hashtags for salons to use, social media tips to increase overall engagement, packshot and model images, in-salon printable collateral & more to create the best digital and in-salon experience possible.

Additional Updates:

  • An updated platform: the Redken Asset Library! All of the content you know is now on a completely new, easy-to-navigate platform. 

  • Sign in with RedkenPro.com account: all you need is a RedkenPro.com account to access the new platform. No special login. No special request form to fill out. 

  • More customization: find two new ways to customize. Now salons can add their logo and change copy on printable materials themselves, or hire a certified creative designer to get unique content for their salon on their own. 

  • Buy hardware for in-salon display: Redken has added purchasable-hardware that’s designed to match the size of your printed pieces. Now, salons can display a poster in a sleek lightbox or a board for a more polished look. 

  • Same great content + some: Redken has not removed any content that was originally available, but has instead added the product guide, deal sheets, and other business tools. 

“We are thrilled to announce optimizations to Redken’s Salon Success Kit, our destination for digital and printable assets, social media tools, and business tools, so we can further support salons as they learn better, earn better and live better every single day.” Says Nitasha Lavsi, AVP of Redken Integrated Marketing Communications. “The new Redken Asset Library platform allows us to offer each individual business owner a plethora of easy to find product, model, and social images as well as opportunities to customize and display their assets so they can stay ahead of the curve. Plus, they can now access business tools like the Redken Product Guide, shade charts, and deal sheets.”

Social Media Integration:

With Social Media Business Tools, Redken provides tips on how to effectively use the materials found within the Redken Asset Library while also offering in-depth education on how to strategize and execute social content at every level. 

In-salon digital experience:

Redken Digital TV provides users with the opportunity to maximize the in-salon digital experience through digital screens strategically placed throughout their salons. Through Digital TV, salon owners are now able to share engaging current Redken-created content including how-tos, social content, retail product and model imagery and the latest hair styling and color trends with their clients. 

In addition to these exciting digital opportunities, the Redken Salon Success Kit also provides users with access to existing technologies within Business Tools including calculators, education on retail, and links to a NEW business resource, Google My Business. The Business Tools section also showcases why you should participate in these technologies as a salon owner and also how to do so. For example – Google My Business has lead to 4x more clicks, calls, website visits, directions, & requests to visit the store, salons are viewed as 2x more likely to be considered reputable, and 38% more likely to attract location visits.

Get started:

The Redken Salon Success Kit will be continuously updated to offer more advanced offerings to salons to further customize their in-salon experiences so that they can “learn better, earn better, and live better.” For more information on the Redken Salon Success Kit, please visit RedkenPro.com.

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