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We’re all looking for ways to end 2019 on a high note and start 2020 with a fresh feel. Part of feeling renewed during the New Year revolves around upgrading your style, and KEVIN.MURPHY has just what you need to refresh hair colour with this at-home treatment. 

Whether rocking Citrus Blonde, Rosé Bronde, or Metallic Ash, hair colour is an investment and a key element to creating a versatile style. Which is why KEVIN.MURPHY COLOURING ANGELS will be your guardian angel all season long. 

KEVIN.MURPHY’s line of colour-enhancing treatments can be used both as a feel-good pick-me-up in-salon or for consistent maintenance at-home. 

Who It’s For:

COLOURING.ANGELS can be used on all hair types and colours, even natural hues! With four unique formulas, this conditioning treatment enhances colour and shine with the following tones.

AUTUMN.ANGEL - If you’re looking to add a hint of warmth, this peachy shade casts a rosy hue that will warm you up all winter long.

COOL.ANGEL - Hair colour that turns brassy needs a cool tone to balance it out and this treatment will do just that. Alternatively, it can also be used on silver shades or natural gray hair to enhance tone. 

SUGARED.ANGEL - Beige-blondes finally have a treatment they can use to keep their hair colour creamy. Ridding hair of unwanted yellow tones it leaves behind a perfectly neutral base to let your shade shine through.

CRYSTAL.ANGEL - This formula can be used on any hair tone and is perfect as a weekly treatment to add a crystal clear shine.


How It Works:

After cleansing, treatment is applied to hair as a mask. Comb through, wait 3-5 minutes, then rinse and style as desired. Apart from enhancing tone and shine, this formula contains Olive Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract and Grape Seed Oil to create a moisturised, illuminated finish.