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Because sometimes you don’t want to make wishes on them anymore!

We lose faith even the best beauty regimens when we stop seeing improvements. More often than not, we are curious about what else is out there, working wonders that we don't know about! That’s when we find ourselves scouting the internet and Instagram for reviews comparing the latest beauty products, in an effort to get better results from something new.

With all the sources our there, sometimes we are put in situations where the recommendation window is slim. For example what happens when you accidentally pull out lashes with your eyelash curler? Or you cut them by accident trying to trim your falsies? Did your eyelash extensions led to a thin out of your natural lashes? It can be devastating! Nothing shapes the eyes better than great mascara and healthy lashes!

Finding remedies on Pinterest and YouTube might leave you with a laundry list of best practices, all leading to more harm than good. For example: they might refer you to apply oil (such as castor oil) nightly. But waking up with it in your eyes can be frustrating and cause severe irritation.

Truth is quality products can sometimes be hard to come by at a price that makes sense and is affordable. It is a brutal game of trial and error; we want to make the investment but we also don't want to be disappointed with the results, and what feels riskier than hair growth?

The market for serums has more solutions than you would think. If you find yourself in this situation or just want to improve your lashes without spending a bunch of cash, you should try Spectral Lash.

As science develops, so does the success of targeted beauty solution products. The serum’s formulation has been lab researched and backed to increase overall eyelid health with amino acids that stimulate the expression of keratin genes. It glides right on and dries quickly so you can apply it morning and night, comfortably. With Spectral Lash, eyelash satisfaction is a great aspect of your routine that you can easily improve on, without stressing your budget!

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