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You could be washing your hair all wrong. If you feel as though your hair hasn’t quite been behaving how you want it to, it may be time to take a deeper look at the way you wash your hair. When it comes to getting the look you’re after, the new trend of reverse hair washing could be the answer. Keep reading to learn more about the trend and how you can utilize reverse hair washing to get a better finish. 

What Is Reverse Hair Washing?

The reverse wash is simple. In the shower, condition your hair first and then follow up with shampoo after. This can often work well when you use a deep conditioner formulation. 

This can be a welcomed trend for fine or thin hair as it allows your hair to receive all the benefits of the conditioner without weighing your hair down for the final finish. 

Why You’ll Love It:

In addition to its ability to add intense hydration and conditioning, for certain hair types reverse washing can help hair appear fuller. If you have any type of scalp issues (such as an oily scalp) this can help completely wash off the remaining product instead of just rinsing it from the hair. This also gives you a chance to fully condition from root to tip, a routine you wouldn’t normally be able to do because excess conditioner at the roots can often leave hair feeling limp or overly oily. 

The Method:

The trick to finding a method that works best for you is to take your hair type and porosity levels into account. From testing out your regular conditioner to applying a more concentrated mask for better nourishment. If you’re worried about your hair being too dry, be sure to concentrate the shampoo only on the roots to make sure your mid-lengths and ends are still adequately moisturized. 

Reverse hair washing will be different for each person and may not work for you, but if you’re looking for something to switch up your hair routine without investing in multiple products, this could be a great option for you. 

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