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The key to a great updo can sometimes lie in its simplicity. In this tutorial, Hair and Makeup Artist Sherri Jessee created a soft sweeping style. It is the perfect style to wear day or night, to a fancy affair or to a casual engagement. Follow along below to see exactly how she got the style!

STEP 1. Begin with a deep part on the right side and create a 3 strand Dutch braid.

STEP 2. Continue the braid across the front and tie off the end with a tiny elastic.

STEP 3. Gently pull out the braid to make it appear larger.

STEP 4. On the left side twist 2 strands of hair and continue around to the back.

STEP 5. Ponytail the hair together low on the nape on the right side.

STEP 6. Slide a bun pad donut over the ponytail and pin to secure.

STEP 7. Twist, pinch and pull sections of hair.

STEP 8. Drape the twisted sections over the bun pad and pin.

STEP 9. Continue twisting, draping and pinning until you have the side bun completed.

STEP 10. Cross the Dutch braid over the bun and pin to secure.

To see even more hair and makeup tutorials from Sherri Jessee, be sure to stalk her on Bangstyle!