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There’s a little more than 2 weeks left to submit your collections to the PBA to be considered for NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards). This is one of the most prestigious hairstyling awards you can win in North America. If you are a hair artist in the United States, Canada, or Mexico this is definitely something you should be participating in. While the list of previous winners can be a bit daunting, remember that the judging is done completely blind, meaning that with a little imagination and a camera you could have the same chance to win as any industry icon.

We know how much work goes into to creating these gorgeous collections, and to ensure that no one gets disqualified on a technicality, here's your NAHA checklist:

Important Rules to Know

Entry deadline: February 19 2015 at 11pm est/ 8pm pst DON'T WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE.

Everyone involved with your shoot needs sign the release. This means model, photographer, makeup artist, etc and yourself.

All images must be submitted online
Format: JPEG (.jpeg)
Size: no larger than 8mb
Resolution: minimum of 300DPI

Photoshop is fine to use on the model's face and skin, wardrobe, and the image background. While you are allowed to clean up flyaway hairs, you CANNOT use Photoshop to enhance, manipulate, change or create hair (filling in texture, creating volume, adding length, etc) *Remember, it is a HAIR competition not a photo competition.

You must include unedited images along with your final images. So if you decide to break the above photo editing rules, it will be easy for the judges to know. These unedited photos are for judging purposes only and will not be published or released.

Be careful when posting to social media. Do not share your images until you are allowed to.

You are submitting a collection, so make sure that your photos carry a strong theme throughout.

Make sure your ENTIRE team is familiar with the all the rules.

What the Judges are Looking For

Concept or overall creative approach.
Art direction and composition.
Demonstration of skill in the execution of style, make-up and appropriate wardrobe.
Harmony between photographer's execution and stylist's creativity.
Appropriateness of image for concept.
Technical ability corresponding to category entered.
Amount of photo manipulation that was used to create the final look.
Continuity of all images within the entry.
Understanding of category entered.



Tips for your category


Avant Garde
Don’t style hair into objects – be innovative!
Don’t use too many props. Have the focus be on the hair.
Be creative!
Focus on a story line.
Think of unusual textures or fabrics not normally associated with hair.

Contemporary Classic
No Photoshop to create or cut hair!
Keep images simple, polished and clean
Interpret classic shapes with a fresh twist
Ask yourself, “How can I take this to the next level?”

Editorial Stylist of the Year
Tell a story!
Focus on lighting.
Entries must be from work that has already been published.
Don’t forget your tearsheets – tearsheets are just proof of publication.
Work must be published in a consumer (not industry) publication.

Don’t use wigs.
Be careful if color balancing a photo – do NOT change the color of the hair.
Make sure your background enhances your color work and doesn’t distract from it.
Don’t make it too busy.

Hairstylist of the Year
Demonstrate your work in long hair, short hair, haircolor, etc.
Make your collection timeless.
NO Photoshop to create or cut hair.

Men’s hairstylist
Do not use wigs, extensions or hairpieces.
NO Photoshop to create or cut hair.

Have 3 different looks.
NO Photoshop to create or cut hair.

Salon/School design
Don’t include the name of your salon in the picture.
Entry must be submitted from the salon name.
Make sure your images adequately portray the interior layout.
Images should display the vision, culture and philosophy of your school or salon.
Overall ambiance, design, architecture, and décor are honored.

Student Hairstylist
NO Photoshop to create or cut hair.
Have references on hand – you may have to submit them if selected as a finalist.
Don’t be afraid to ask a school administrator for help.

Texture can be natural or chemically treated.
No Photoshop to create volume in the hair.



Make sure to check out the PBA Website for more info on entering NAHA. Be sure that you are in compliance with all the regulations before submitting your collections.



Good luck to all the artists. We can't wait to celebrate all your amazing collections!!