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Edgy shapes, unique materials, and out of this world styling are just a few ways to characterize the latest collection - RUSTY - from the Makeover Team. Working together to create a collection that evokes creativity, they find their inspiration through experimentation. What do you see? Keep reading to see the collection in its entirety and learn more about it from the team! 

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

Well, the truth is that I don't know if it happens to other professionals, but we don't always find "inspiration" to create. Sometimes wanting to try a texture or material is enough to find a cool result.

Were there any products or tools that were key to getting the looks and colors you created?

No! We wanted to use materials that somehow created the connection between one image and another.

Do you have a mentor/someone you look up to in the industry (or outside of it) for inspiration?

If we said only one person we would be lying. We each have our own, but the truth is that when we see something well worked and with essence, we both “click” with the person.

What has been your biggest challenge/greatest accomplishment as a stylist?

There is no better achievement than enjoying every day in our salon. And now we are so excited about the reopening! We also have to confess that we have many goals...

Tell us more about you as artists and how your work has changed during this time of self-reflection.

We are real, street hairdressers, without elite egos, we can create a top idea as well as working on the root tint for a loyal client that comes to the salon every month. We are "real" with everything we do and so we like to be seen.

What did you learn about yourselves as persons and as artists while social distancing?

This confinement has made us reflect on what really matters, and we hope that many have done it too. We have learned to enjoy each client and savor it much more now that the measures “force us” to do so. Everything is positive!

Favorite travel destination or bucket list location?

Our favorite destination is Ibiza. Where we will go? Well, we don't dream. We set a goal and save to make it happen, we are first-class workers!

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? 

A pencil box… Eva would be black and if possible, erasable. And Jose would be blue because he transmits peace.