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Blade Runner 2049 just premiered and while we were stoked about the film itself, most of us couldn’t get our eyes off of Gosling’s style! From that shearling jacket to his multipurpose boots to his new hair – we loved watching him move around that giant screen. While most of us immediately Googled the brand of that jacket (it’s custom-made btw, and faux shearling for all of you animal lovers), we were also swooning over Gosling’s hair. A short, choppy cut – futuristic, but still sexy as hell.

Natural, undone styles have swept the social sphere for women the past few seasons and now as men’s fashion follows suit we see Ryan Gosling leading the way for a new season of style.

How to get the look? Wait a few extra weeks before seeing your barber/stylist so they have ample length to work with. Then, you could always bring a picture of Gosling, or simply as for more choppy texture throughout and a shorter crop – think grown-out buzz cut.  

How to style it? If you have the time, allow your hair to air-dry after showering or hit it with the blow dryer. This time, instead of molding it into shape, be more erratic with your movements – you’re going for a style that looks like you dried your hair riding your motorcycle with no helmet.

What about products? Once dry, use PASTE for straighter, thinner texture or CLAY for thicker, wavier textures. Take a nickel-sized amount and emulsify between your fingers and apply throughout your new chop, creating a messy-chic feel.

Did you see the movie? Or are you just swooning over his style? Let us know what you think of this new trend in the comments below!

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