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Many things have changed in the last few seasons. Your stylist may have moved or you’ve decided to try someone new. Chances are it’s been a while since most of us have been in a salon, so brushing up on the latest salon etiquette tips are a must. From new color techniques to ask for to whether or not it's appropriate to eat your lunch or chat on the phone while in the chair — read our go-to guide for feeling comfortable in a new salon setting.


If you’ve found your new stylist on social media you might be questioning the best way to reach out. Should you text or DM the individual stylist, call the salon, or send an email? Read their bio, usually, they will note whether they are taking new clients and how to get in contact. After initial contact has been made, check with them about best practices for booking in the future. Some stylists prefer booking their own appointments, while others would rather you call the salon and book with the front desk. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions early to avoid confusion, missed services or not being able to get an appointment.

If You’re Running Late

While it is always a good idea to plan to be in the area well ahead of time, life happens. If you’re beginning to run late or notice an excess of traffic, be sure to call ahead. Even if you think you’ll only be a few minutes late to your appointment, you should still always give the salon and stylist a heads up. This allows the stylist to prepare and let you know if you can keep the appointment or if they’ll take someone in between you and the next appointment. They might be running late too so giving them a heads up helps you both stress less. 

Consultation Tips

You should never feel rushed during your consultation. If your stylist isn’t taking the time to listen to you, offer advice or ideas and reiterate what you’re asking for, it might not be the perfect fit. Always come prepared with images of similar hair types and colors as your own or even better — pictures of times when you loved your hair most. Know your hair history and be honest about it! Discuss any goals you are working toward with your beauty routine, how much time you have for upkeep, and your home care routines. This will not only help them create the perfect style but offer the best advice on product and home care tips as well.

Using Your Cell

Some stylists don’t mind phone use – but others definitely do! Texting and scrolling Instagram is one thing, but being active on calls is another story. If you’re holding your phone to your ear while getting washed or as your stylist dances around your head trying to foil or blow-dry, this can cause delays and mistakes. This is because the position of the head during hair services makes a big difference whether cutting, coloring or styling.


When it comes to tipping, the industry standard is around 20%, but the final number is entirely up to you. If you’re happy with your service – it is best to leave them 20%. Additionally, if an assistant washed your hair or assisted styling, think about leaving them a separate tip as well. 

Things Didn’t Turn Out As Planned?

Trying someone new or seeing your tried and true stylist — sometimes your hair just doesn’t come out exactly how you wanted it to. Instead of leaving a harsh review or a bad tip, speak with your stylist about how you’re feeling and what you don’t like about it. Most stylists will offer to fix the problem as soon as possible and will not charge for the follow-up.