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Walking into a new salon can be a lot like the first day of school. You’re hit with new people all around you, you’re not entirely sure about your outfit or where the bathrooms are, most likely you won’t have anyone to eat lunch with and will leave with a few new words added to your vocabulary. To take the pain out of what to do when you visit a new salon, or simply to make you more comfortable in your current one keep reading!

Making Appointments

Text, call, email? Each salon has its own method and so does each stylist. Due to the fact that many find their stylists on Instagram these days you might want to follow suit and check their social media for preference. Usually, in their bio, they will note whether they are taking new clients and or how to get in contact. After initial contact has been made, you might want to ask your stylist how to book in the future. Some like booking their own appointments, while others like you to call the salon and book with the front desk. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions early to avoid confusion, missed services or not being able to get an appointment.

Running Late

Traffic happens, just be sure to call ahead. Even if you think you can beat the clock when it comes to Google Maps predictions, you should still always give the salon and stylist a heads up. Who knows, they might be running late as well and this will allow you both to stress just a little less.

The Consultation

Come prepared and take your time. The consultation is like the first impression on a first date – you’ll both probably be a little nervous, but this is where you forge a lasting relationship. Bring photos, know your hair history (don’t be afraid to tell them if you’ve used box dye), and discuss any goals you are working toward with your beauty routine. This will not only help them tailor your style, but product picks and pro tips they share with you as well.

Cell Phone Use

While some stylists don’t mind you being on your phone – others do! Texting and scrolling Instagram is one thing, but being on calls are another. The main reason why being on your phone can be so annoying is that the position of your head is a big deal and makes a big difference in cutting and coloring. Also, having a cell phone next to your ear while getting your roots done just makes it harder on the stylist. Be aware of your surroundings and mindful to your stylist’s time!


When it comes to tipping, there are some fuzzy rules, but in the end, it’s really up to you. If you’re happy with your service – leave them 20%. If you had someone wash your hair, or assist styling, tip a relative ratio of your service.


$hi+ happens and sometimes you aren’t 100% satisfied with your hair. Be sure to tell your stylist as soon as you can so they can do their best to remedy the situation. If you need to schedule a follow-up and they fix your hair to your liking, they will most likely waive the salon charge, but you should definitely tip them for their time!