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Having good, healthy, radiant skin is like waking up, thinking it’s Tuesday, but realizing it’s actually Friday! It gives us a constant “Friday feeling” that feels so good, we want it to last forever.

When it comes to having good skin, exfoliation is essential. Consistent exfoliation keeps your skin fresh by preventing clogged pores, reducing breakouts, and encouraging collagen production. It’s easy to remember to exfoliate your skin because you see it in the mirror and when you look at yourself every day. However, it’s easy to overlook what you can’t see, like your scalp. Did you know that you should be exfoliating your scalp, just as you would your face and body? It’s true!

If you’ve skipped a hair wash after a big workout, or waited a little too long to commence wash day, then you’re probably familiar with what can happen when your scalp gets neglected. Your head gets itchy, you notice gunky buildup, the rest of your hair looks and feels oily, and you may even notice flakiness! All of these are unpleasant to experience and completely avoidable!

Maintaining your scalp’s health has many benefits. First, it is cleansing. Scalp exfoliation removes dead skin, while also removing buildup. Removing buildup on your scalp is essential for the second benefit of scalp scrubs; hair growth! When your hair follicles are clear and free from blockage, it gives your hair the best chance of growing longer and faster! Who doesn’t wish their hair would grow faster?

In addition to these amazing benefits, if you have a naturally sensitive scalp, a smooth exfoliant might be your best friend. Those with sensitive scalps are often prone to flakiness and dandruff, which are two conditions that a scrub can combat. When you exfoliate your scalp, you allow for your body’s natural oils to come out and nourish your hair to keep it healthy. 

And lastly, one of the best benefits of a scalp scrub is that they leave your hair looking incredibly shiny, without being or feeling oily!

Okay, so now that you have all of the reasons why you should start spoiling yourself with scalp scrub, it’s time you learned how to give your scalp some much-needed TLC.

One of the greatest, most luxurious, and easiest ways to incorporate your scalp health into your skincare routine/wash day routine is to combine KEVIN.MURPHY SCALP.SPA SCRUB with KEVIN.MURPHY SCALP.SPA WASH. These two scalp cleansing products were formulated to work best when used together!


After you’ve taken out your style and gave your hair a good rinse, squeeze a bit of the SCALP.SPA SCRUB onto your hands and work into your scalp with your fingertips. This purifying pre-wash contains the exfoliant perlite. Perlite is a unique volcanic rock, which has been formed into a perfect sphere so as to gently exfoliate the scalp and follicles without causing any damage to the scalp or hair itself. Unlike most exfoliants that use sugars or salts to scrub, perlite does not dissolve, making it much easier to exfoliate thicker or more coarse hair.

Once you’ve given your scalp a good scrub, rinse your hair until you get the exfoliant washed out. Then, it’s time to follow up with the SCALP.SPA WASH. This wash is the perfect follow-up to your pre-wash scrub, and is packed with ultra-nourishing ingredients! Starting with the roots, apply this Micellar Water & Celery Seed Extract shampoo evenly throughout your strands. You should feel instant relief as the ingredients of this wash are designed to calm, balance, and soothe your scalp. 

Allow your hair to absorb the rich nutrients, and then rinse completely. Follow up with your favorite condition, dry your hair, and proceed to style! We recommend doing this healthy scalp routine at least once a week to get and keep your scalp healthy and feeling fresh!