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Whether or not you’ve got your next vacay planned, the latest manicure trend has beach written all over it. Say hello to Sea Glass Nails.

What Are Sea Glass Nails?



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Depending on which beaches you frequent, sea glass comes in a variety of colors that can range from light blue to deep green or even amber. But the latest trend is about creating a perfect light, dark blue or even green hue. In addition to the shades, sea glass nail trends can be finished with a clear finish, a see-through feel, or even a matte top coat for a truly tumbled feel.

The trend can have a single color or a mix of colors for each nail, while others even include gradients of various shades of the sea. We love the classic light blue with a suede finish created by @imarninails, but there is plenty of inspiration to pick from based on your style.


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How To Get The Look:

@borablueprint sweet n simple ~ everything used ~ cant find the milky blue color anywhere online sorry matte topcoat - Gelcare thick clear gel - Jin.B crazy top in thick (sweetie nail supply) rhinestone glue - Amazn gems - Amazn liner brush - Gelcare gem picker - Amazn #shortnailinspo #3dnailart #diygelnails Liquorice