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Anyone who colours their hair knows the elated feeling that comes from retouching their roots or getting a fresh gloss for their highlights. As many of us start to head back into the salons we’re in for a new season of trends. Whether you’re covering greys, going slightly brighter, or amplifying your natural shade chances are you’re excited about a change. Chatting with GLOBAL DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid, she gave us insight into why we're seeing these trends appear. “Currently, clients and colourists are focused on spending less time in the salon. Each visit is becoming more of a journey rather than a destination which is why carefully mapping out colour placement is key. Today, it could be a face frame, next time it could be foils or balayage, and then a zone tone followed by global refinement. Planning the process ahead of time, each client will spend less time in the chair also making it quicker and more economical. Additionally, clients are focused on purchasing retail to upgrade their at-home routine while also learning to recreate a finished look at home.” Said Reid. With this in mind, read on for some of the top colour trends to ask for in the salon. 

If you normally get a root touch up…

Ask for a face-frame.

If you normally deal with grey coverage, the placement and upkeep of highlights can usually be a problem. Due to the fact that your root section is continually touched up every 4-6 weeks can prove challenging when it comes to highlights that are also close to the scalp. Face-Framing highlights are the perfect compromise. When it comes to placement, this look is concentrated mostly around the bang area framing the face as well as the mid-lengths to ends. Therefore, it allows clients to lighten up without a great deal of upkeep – your stylist can simply add a few foils to contour the look at every other appointment. 


If you normally ask for balayage…

Try out Twilighting instead.

Balayage has, and always will be, a fan-favourite. However, as you search for more “natural” looking options with less upkeep, swapping out your regular balayage for Twilighting can be just what you're looking for. Twilighting is a mix of balayage and babylights to create an even more lived-in look. Ideally, you only want to go a few shades lighter than your natural base shade, so this mixed with the subtle placement is the ultimate low-maintenance look. To elongate the time between appointments, simply add a treatment for colour-treated hair. 




If you’re a single tone…

Consider adding an undertone. 

You've probably had some time to think about your colour. With the change of season, try a slight change in your go-to colour! Adding a slight undertone to your shade can refresh any colour without completely changing your look. Similar to picking the perfect shade of lipstick, the rule of thumb is that warm tones generally complement warm skin tones while cool tones complement cool skin tones. From JADE to ROSE, STONE or LILAC or APRICOT, COLOR.ME has a range of tones that your stylist can use to customise your colour. 


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