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Beverly Iwu of Stafford Texas was the winner of the Student Category for the Sebastian Professional 2017 What’s Next Awards. Using the concept of electricity in nature, she created captivating pieces that not only captured the essence of the inspiration of the show, but our eyes as well. Take a peek at some of the shots from the show and learn more about the talented Beverly Iwu!

Can you tell us a little more about your collection for the 2017 What’sNext Awards: What was the inspiration behind it?

My inspiration for the 2017 what's next awards was electricity in nature. I wanted my model's hair to showcase a recharged electrical look.

Do you have any rituals to ensure a successful shoot? 

The night before I wrote down all of my steps on an index card to ensure that my nerves don't cause me to forget important things. 

Any tips for artists thinking about entering next year? 

I would strongly encourage individuals to study the trend given and the Sebastian brand as a whole. The closer you can get your work to look like the Sebastian brand, the better your chances are. 

What was the one product/tool that you couldn’t live without for this collection?

Shaper Fierce Hair Spray.

What was going through your mind when you won?

I thought of what a journey it had been and what an honor it was to come out as number one in my category. 

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

The ability to read minds. People go through situations and tend to bottle their emotions up as opposed to being vocal. It would be nice to encourage people, especially when I see that their thoughts are negative. 

So far, what has your biggest accomplishment been in your career?

Making history as the first Ogle school student/graduate to win a regional and national competition was a big accomplishment. 

Are you artistic outside of doing hair?

I am a Pinterest fanatic so I love doing DIY projects. 

If you could talk to yourself at the start of your career, what advice would you give your younger self? 

I would encourage myself to have more faith in my decision to pursue the beauty industry because doors will begin to open sooner than expected. 

What is some advice you can offer the next generation of stylists? 

"Passion is the genesis of genius". With great passion for this industry and people, you will achieve great things. Your level of creativity will increase immensely. 

What’s Next for you?

I'm working on becoming a better stylist and I am planning on travelling, to experiencing the beauty industry in different countries. 

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