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The 2017 What's Next Award's collection was about "RECHARGE". As we know Sebastian has always been inspired by nature, and this collection is a celebration about it. It's a collection of contrast, with minimalistic haircuts and shapes. We focus on iconic products that are infused with the raw energy of nature. Think about "Eruptek", composed of volcano ash...and what about "Texture Maker," which contains sea salt. I will not enumerate all of them but we wanted to demonstrate the different ways we can draw on that with looks that are still very clean, sleek, and high-tech. Life is so fast paced and we have to learn to "RECHARGE" ourselves. A good way to do that is to connect with nature; when you "RECHARGE" yourself, there is a transformation inside you, and this transformation is the beginning of innovation.

I've taken my inspiration from the look of "Dakota" with her amazing fringe! I wanted to show my own version of it so I preserved the shape and played with textures to make it different.

When creating a photo shoot, I prefer do it in my salon; I feel more confortable but what is the most important is that my dynamic team surrounds me! Photographer, assistant, model, they are all equally important and they have to share your vision of creation.

If you want to enter the competition next year let me give you some advice – you have to be confortable with what you present. I know that we do it to win, but first you have to be proud of your work, because if people vote for your creation, it is because they appreciate it. As an artist, you put your heart on and your soul on your work, so if they love it, it means that they also love you at the same time.

This year, the products that I couldn’t live without were the "Shapers". They all have their own distinct properties to them. I love to build my look with "Shaper Zero Gravity" because it gives me the hold that I need. When I'm ready for the next step, I continue with "Shaper +" and the fact that it is rebrushable makes me feel safe. At the end, when I'm satisfied... I fix my look with "Shaper Fierce". That way I know nothing will move after that.

The first thing that was going through my mind when I won was that with this trophy I proved a touch of imagination and a lot of determination can help you get everything that you want. Even if you are simply a hairdresser, you can realize big things, it just depends of the effort you put on it.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

I hope that I'm not the only one ha! I have wanted to be a superhero just to have a superpower. If I had to choose one, it would probably be the ability to eliminate people's pain. Whatever it may be, it really makes me feel helpless that I cannot. 

What has been the biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

The biggest accomplishment in my career is certainly to have the chance to be on the Design Team of Sebastian as an Affiliated Artist. To be a part of this amazing family makes me really proud. I'm the kind of person who always wants to be better than the day before, even if it takes me 5 years to reach my goal. So I'm really grateful for this opportunity.

I consider myself an artistic person because all I do is always a work in progress. I always want to make things different. Something as simple as make a birth cake can become a piece of art. There are a lot of people who as inspired me in my career – the Sebastian team of course, but especially the people who gave me my first chance. Those that opened the door for me, those who help me to grow, who believe in me and still believe that there are higher peaks for me. And now it’s my turn, which is why I try to mentor people around me.

If I was able to came back and see my younger self, I would certainly wanted to say: "Believe in yourself, do not let anybody discourage you, and if they say that you are going in the wrong direction, you are probably right. Go straight ahead and follow your dreams... it will come true!”

For the next generation of stylists, all I can say is that you have to pay attention. Open your mind and be able to accept the things that are different from you. Always stay humble and never stay behind the chair. The world of hair is infinite, find your way and surpass yourself.

What’s Next?

After the What's Next Awards there are a lot of great challenges for me. I made a photo shoot inspired from the next collection of Sebastian that will release in December; it is called "Twisted". From there I will have training in Los Angeles with an Affiliated Artist. I am hoping to be invited to do more shows and training now and I would like mentor the What's Next 2018 Winners. And of course take a moment to appreciate all the little joys and the big ones that Sebastian gives me.


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