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We spend so much of our life – our careers, our upbringing, and our social situations – taking care of others. We oftentimes forget that sometimes you need to take a step back and learn how to take CARE of ourselves again. Over the past few years, learning to decompress and de-stress has come a long way from the usual Friday night glass of wine, game day with the gents or night out with the girls. As a society, we’ve started to break past social norms and find new, healthy ways to find a work/life balance. 


Whether you’re creating a strategy for your entire salon or simply for yourself, creating small incentives are a great way to reenergize a workday. You can create individual incentives for stylists or yourself, or for your entire staff. To create a salon-wide system, you’ll need to make sure the staff understands that they are part of a team. Organizing company outings after they’ve hit sales goals or weekly rotating treats is key to creating a sense of community.

Take Breaks Often

Assign breaks to every stylist, assistant, or receptionist. Make sure that no matter what is going on throughout the day that they’ll be able to take a few minutes off for themselves. As stylists, we tend to get bogged down by work and want to fix everything ourselves, but it is important to lean on others every now and again. Working on a buddy system, have your staff break each other out. Whether it is a color rinse, a coffee run or folding towels, working on the buddy system means that there will always be someone to watch over their chair or clients when they need a minute.

Turn Up The Volume

Whether it’s a workout or a workday, everyone knows that music goes a long way. It can lift spirits and add energy when you need it most. Invest in a system like Spotify and allow each of your stylists to add their own list, and then take turns switching up the playlists. You can’t help but be happy when your favorite song comes on, so make sure everyone gets a little piece of happiness every day, yourself included.

Check Out On Days Off

If you work hard, you also need to REST hard! While it does take a bit of hustle during your down time or off days to grow your business, it is also important to shut everything off once in a while. Creativity can’t bloom unless you give it space and time to do so. After certain hours, turn your phone on Do Not Disturb mode. If someone really needs to talk to you, they’ll call again. Gain inspiration the old way. While Instagram and Pinterest are excellent ways to get ideas, reading a magazine, going to a museum or simply walking through nature are the best ways to reconnect with the artistic world around you. In the end, this can only help you grow as an artist and an individual.

Treat Yourself To Something Special

Plan a luxurious moment for yourself by treating yourself to a Keune CARE treatment. The ultimate dose of relaxation, pick from: Satin Oil to hydrate and nourish, Keratin Smooth to de-frizz and add shine, Curl Control to emphasize curls and bounce, Color Brillianz to strengthen hair and protect color, or Vital Nutrition to soothe and strengthen damaged strands.

Another great idea? Get the whole team involved! You can easily turn this luxurious treat into a self-care session for the entire salon. After the salon is done for the day, book the back bar and brew some tea. Treat each other to head massages and invite your stylists to take turns trying out their favorite CARE masks.


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