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Whether it is a new client or a returning one, there are certain feelings that tend to bubble up behind the chair. As hairstylists, we are putting our artistry out for the world to see and sometimes it gets looked upon with judgment, which can often cause hesitation or self-doubt. The thing to remember is that no matter how long you’ve been behind the chair, at some point there might be criticism about your work –this is what will make you a stronger artist. There is no reason to deal with these feelings alone, keep reading for some of our top tips to get rid of self-doubt behind the chair.

Lead By Example To Combat Criticism

Sometimes the salon can be a tough environment, everyone from clients to stylists to the receptionists and assistants tend to partake in gossip. This kind of negative talk can also lead to a great deal of criticism of others and their work. We tend to break down fellow stylists’ work much like the way we read gossip mags that talk about the latest celebrity and their weight gain or loss. Take steps to combat this type of talk by setting a good example. Just like the #ArtistsSupportingArtists community, aim keep things positive by lifting up fellow artists and their work.

Concentrate On Your Education

No matter how long it has been since you graduated beauty school, the truth of the matter is that you should never stop learning. From following along on social media for daily inspiration to online videos or classes to pick up a few techniques to in-person education that can really accelerate your pace – pick an option you can stick with on the daily and one you can aspire to in the future. It only takes one new piece of information, spending time with fellow artists or simply going outside of your comfort zone to sprout new inspiration.

Create A Community

The best way to build confidence on the daily and get rid of self-doubt is by creating a community. Whether you want to partake through social media with #SamVillaCommunity or create your own group with fellow stylists in the area or coworkers at your salon – finding a tribe is the first step toward elevating your confidence and your motivation.


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