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The reinvention of the shag has been one of the most talked about haircut trends of recent times. “Shags are fun, they embrace natural textures, are good for any gender, they’re low maintenance, versatile and easy to personalize…that’s why they will continue to be on trend in 2023,” explains Teresa Romero, Creative Director for Sam Villa and Artistic/Education Director for Jose Luis Salon @_teresa_romero. When stylists began to cut this shape again, no one knew that this texturized, tailored cut would shape the way for many other trends and hybrid cuts. Since the shag became popular again, cutting services have skyrocketed and we’ve seen a return to learning how to build shape within a cut over all else. Keep reading to learn more about the shag and why it’s so important to today’s trends.

Breaking Down The Shag

They beauty is, with the right tools, technique and styling tips anyone can wear a shag.

  • Texture: Finer hair types need strategic point cutting for lift and texture, whereas coarse curly types usually need some strategic weight assessment to prevent expanding the shape too much.
  • Face Shape: All face shapes can wear a shag.  Fringe lengths determine what parts of the face are complemented or minimized. Shorter fringe brings attention to the top half of the face and longer fringe brings attention to the lower half. 
  • Layers: It’s all about the layers. The more layers and texturizing, the more the hair can freely move for that lived-in shaggy appearance. 
  • Maintenance: A good shag should last a few months or more before needing a full reshaping. Shorter fringe may need a trim in between visits. Good home care that compliments hair texture and color is a must. Coarse hair needs more moisture and finer/chemically processed hair needs moisture and protein.

Variations of the Shag

Wolf Cut Hybrid

This wolf cut is a hybrid of shags of the past with longer layers on top and a shorter modern fringe around the face. Depending on hair texture, styling is shake and go or shaped into place with a Sam Villa Signature Series Oval Brush.


Pixie Shag

This brunette pixie shag is inspired from the Twiggy style pixie. To style, apply a mousse or styling cream and then use a Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer with diffuser to set in place.


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Hair/Photographer: Teresa Romero, Sam Villa Creative Director

Model 1: Kaitlyn Covington

Model 2: Sophia Bachand