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Discovering your first gray hair used to feel like a death sentence—for many men and women, the sight of the seemingly innocent strand symbolized the “end” of youth, leaving them in a panic to head into the salon for a full-coverage dye job. Luckily, times have changed, and women and men are embracing their natural grays. What’s more, millennials have made gray-tone strands a top hair trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Don’t believe us? Check out five silver styles that are giving us major hair envy at the moment.

A wavy lob looks modern and fresh in a shiny silver shade. The blend of silver and clear tones creates a multifaceted, glossy finish—no dullness in sight.

Image: Instagram/@redken

Contrasting shades of slate gray, charcoal and a hint of lavender elevate the gray trend to the next level. For maximum impact, opt for a more natural shade around the mid-lengths and roots, then stick with a darker hue at the ends.

Image: Instagram/@redken

Silver and blue are set to be one of the hottest color couplings of the season. For a more subtle effect, opt for a gray with blue undertones. Or, for a bold effect, try a cobalt blue balayage over a silver base.


The frosty trend looks extra chic on shorter strands. For a sleek, high-fashion finish, experiment with a blend of silver and white shades to achieve that “ice queen” look.

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