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The popular TV Show Friends debuted some of the most iconic styles on one of its lead characters, Rachel Green, aka hair goddess Jennifer Anniston. This show served as a constant inspiration for women and their stylists all over the world. Chris McMillan was her stylist at the time and is still known for his infamous style and trends. He detailed that to get her iconic bend, he would tuck her hair behind her ears to get the perfect bend, a style anyone can certainly get behind! In this tutorial, EVY Professional is showing us exactly how to get this look and make it stay! 


Step 1: Begin with washed, clean hair and prepping it with the Natalie Anne Climax Blowout Cream

Step 2: Roughly dry the hair until it is about 80% dry.

Step 3: Take a 3-inch section and use the EVY PROFESSIONAL DRYER with a Large Round EVY SCHIMA Brush to start smoothing the root. Continue down the hair shaft and tuck the ends in ever so slightly. Continue until each section is finished.

Step 4: Allow the hair to cool down. Then brush and smooth the hair down using the EVY PROFESSIONAL CRYSTAL Shine Paddle Brush, tucking the hair behind the ears. Secure it with a spritz finishing spray.

HOT TIP: Spritz hairspray on a fine-toothed comb and gently comb through to lay the hairline down.

Stay tuned for even more tips to get the latest looks!